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Advanced Edge Elite Support
Designed For Adjustable Bedbases

Featuring the Edge Elite Coil System, this collection rests on the support of more than 1000 coils in queen size, features a Posturecised center lumbar support, and provides advanced cooling technology across all models.

Cooling Ticking for Cooler Sleep

Cooling yarns in the ticking featured on the sleeping surface of all mattresses in the Edge Elite Series help to dissipate heat. Edge Elite models feature either Sensice, SNO or Deep Freeze Plus ticking, with 75% of the fabric face consisting of cooling yarns!

Because the ticking contains yarn with inherent cooling fibers - versus a spray-on or otherwise applied treatment - the cooling effect provided by the ticking will last for the life of the mattress.


The Edge 7000 Hybrid featuring Sno Dark 75% Cooling Ticking


Edge Elite
The Models

The Edge Elite Series is comprised of three different models. All models feature more than one firmness.

Elite Hybrid and Hand Tufted Pillow Top !

Sensice 75% Cooling Panel Ticking
Edge 8000 Pillow Top
Edge 8000 Hybrid


Featuring Sno Dark 75% Cooling Panel Ticking
Available Four Ways!
Edge 7000 Pillow Top
Edge 7000 Hybrid
Edge 7000 Plush
Edge 7000 Firm


Featuring DeepFreeze 75% Cooling Ticking

Three Firmnesses Available!
Edge 6000 Pillow Top
Edge 6000 Plush
Edge 6000 Firm


Models from the Edge Elite Series offer a variety of the following product features and components.

All Mattresses in the Edge Collection are...

The Edge 8000 Hybrid

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