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Edge 6000 - Three Firmnesses

Adjustable bedbases are more popular and affordable than ever before. Versus a flat foundation, an adjustable bedbase relieves pressure points resulting in more comfortable sleep. In addition to providing health benefits for many consumers like reducing snoring and acid reflux, adjustable bedbases have come to be viewed as a household necessity for watching television and reading while in the bedroom.

The Edge Collection from Sleeptronic® is recommended for use on adjustable bedbases!


Three Series

The Edge Collection from Sleeptronic® is divided into three Series of models, based upon which Advanced Edge Coil support system is utilized in the model.

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Edge Double Decker
. .. Edge Elite .... Edge Essentials


The Edge Collection by Sleeptronic® shares a number of universal product features across all three Series.
A brief review of those shared product features appears below.

Advanced Edge Support Systems

For example, all models across all Series utilize industry leading
edge-to-edge coil configurations that feature additional support on the perimeter of the mattress. These mattresses with Advanced Edge Coils are specifically designed to conform and flex when utilized on an adjustable bedbase.

Quantum Edge - Better Edge Support

And with extra supportive coils around the perimeter edge, the Advanced Edge coils in The Edge Collection provide a firmer and more supportive edge that prevents the all too common "rolling out of bed feeling" that many budget mattresses exhibit.

24% More Friendly
Advanced Edge coil units bend an average of 24% more easily than foam encasement, which means less wear and tear on moving parts and a more “friendly” performance on adjustable bedbases.

Edge S3000 - Three Firmnesses

26% More Durable
Advanced Edge coil units outperforms foam encasement, offering longer comfort life and better support while reducing the feeling of roll-off. Advanced Edge Elite units provide added support and motion deflection throughout the mattress

. Edge B40 - Three Firmnesses

28% Cooler Vs All Foam

Innersprings sleep up to 28% cooler than foam according to research from Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research.

Edge 6000 Firm

Cooling Ticking for Cooler Sleep

Cooling yarns in the ticking on the sleeping surface of mattresses in the Edge Collection help to dissipate heat. Because the ticking contains yarn with inherent cooling fibers - versus a spray-on or applied treatment - the cooling effect provided by the ticking will last for the life of the mattress.

Edge Elite and Edge Double Decker models feature either Sensice or Deep Freeze Plus ticking, with 75% of the fabric face consisting of cooling yarns!
The majority of the models in the Edge Essentials Series feature DeepFreeze 45% ticking, where 45% of the the face of the fabric consist of cooling yarns.


Models from the Edge Collection offer a variety of the following product features and components.

Edge 7000 - Four Firmnesses

All Mattress in the Edge Collection are...

Edge Double Decker 9200

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