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Sleeptronic® manufactures exceptional mattresses that are as comfortable as they are affordable. Known as the Quality, Value and Price leader among mattress manufacturers, more than 150 models are currently in production, providing a broad selection of products to deliver the right solution for almost every budget and comfort preference. All of our products are Made in the USA and feature only the highest quality all-new materials.

® is a privately owned, family operated company. We answer to Main Street, not Wall Street.

And if you are coming upon this website and haven’t heard of us... that makes us happy. Sleeptronic doesn’t spend the big advertising bucks that many name brands allocate to promoting brand awareness. We invest in building a better product, and pass those advertising savings on to our loyal customers.

We know that mattress shoppers have more options to choose from than ever before when selecting a new sleep set. Sleeptronic® branded mattresses are comfortable and durable and affordable - delivering exceptional value for the dollar and innovative product features across a range of prices and quality levels . We hope that YOU choose to sleep on a mattress manufactured by Sleeptronic®!

Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, Sleeptronic® branded mattresses are a favorite go-to product line for retailers in a 12 state regional area. The PostureGel® brand by Sleeptronic® combines the latest product features into an easy to order and easy to transport boxed mattress. Retailers can order PostureGel® mattresses to ship via UPS nationwide. Need mattresses for a hospitality or institutional setting? Sleeptronic® is a leading supplier of mattresses under the Guest-O-Pedic® brand to hotels and resorts, fire departments and police training centers, youth camps and cruise ships, and to other hospitality and commercial settings.

In addition to manufacturing product lines under our brands that are sold both online and through better retailers, many mattress companies trust Sleeptronic® to build mattresses and foundations with their name on the outside. Our custom contract manufacturing division produces sleep products under a variety of other brands. These products are also sold both online and through traditional brick and mortar retail.

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