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Mattresses manufactured by Sleeptronic include a variety of components that deliver real, tangible benefits for consumers. These features are specifically selected for each product we manufacture to meet the comfort and support needs of differing consumers. At Sleeptronic we strongly reject the "One Mattress for ALL" approach that many online focused mattress marketers have adopted.


Old world craftsmanship is alive and well at Sleeptronic®. Our skilled mattress craftspeople are experts at Hand Tufting a curated selection of mattresses we manufacture. Decorative rosettes anchor a tufting cable that runs completely through the mattress, locking all materials in place and preventing migration of the comfort and support layers. A sign of a truly handcrafted mattresses, hand-tufted mattresses are compressed before tufting, eliminating the false loft found which can lead to body impressions in some over sized mattresses.With all cushioning materials locked firmly in place, the sleeping surface remains uniform for the life of the mattresses, guarding against the emergence of a hump in the middle of the mattresses which can develop over time, particularly in king size. Since the comfort and cushioning materials can't migrate, body impressions are no longer a concern. Select, premium Sleeptronic® models from the Dream Dynamics®, PostureGel® and Edge Collections feature hand tufting!

The following video shows the process of hand tufting a mattress and was recorded in the Sleeptronic
® factory in Ft. Worth, Texas.


Chiro Coils® - Do you wake up frequently in the night when your partner turns over, or moves in and out of the bed? The Dream Dynamics® collection is comprised exclusively of mattresses that feature fabric-encapsulated coils. Chiro Coil® fabric encapsulated coils also are integral to the support systems found in select Chiro Beauty® two sided models.Mattresses featuring individually pocketed innerpsrings transfer motion down, into the mattress when a partner moves or enters or exists the bed, especially in comparison with exposed "open" wire coil systems found in less advanced models. This focus on reducing motion transfer helps assure a great night’s sleep by minimizing or eliminating partner disturbance. Because the coils respond in an individual manner to pressure producing zones in the shoulders and hips, overall pressure pinch points are reduced. Chiro Coil® spring systems are the standard by which other products are measured in both traditional and Hybrid construction mattresses.

Quantum® Edge and Quantum® Elite - The leading innerspring manufacturer and innovator in the United States is Leggett and Platt, and Sleeptronic® is proud to feature many of their advanced coil designs in our mattresses. One of the most advanced is the Quantum Coil, which appears in the and SleepFlex Latex® and Edge Collections, and in our PostureGel® line of roll-packed mattresses. Mattresses featuring Quantum Edge Coils are specifically designed to conform and flex and used on an adjustable foundation. Extra coils concentrated around the perimeter of the mattress provide a firmer and more supportive edge which prevents the all too common "falling out of bed feeling" that many budget mattresses produce. Quantum Edge Steel Perimeter bends and average of 24% more easily than foam encasement, which means less wear and tear on moving parts and a more “friendly” performance on adjustable bedbases. Quantum Edge Steel Perimeter outperforms foam encasement, offering 26% more durable comfort life and better support while reducing the feeling of roll-off. Quantum Elite coils include a zoned center third, providing extra support right where it's needed most!

The following video provides an overview of this exciting support system.

x-Way Foam Encasement® provides support all of the way to the edge of the bed, essentially increasing the effective sleeping surface of each mattress while preventing that awful “falling out of bed” feeling that can occur with lesser sets. Offered on both Open Coil and on Chiro Coil® wrapped coil innerspring support systems, the effective usable surface of the mattress is increased by as much as 20% on foam encased mattresses. For those that prefer to sleep close to the edge of the bed, that "falling out of bed feeling" common in yesterday's mattresses is virtually eliminated. Adults, particularly those who sleep two to a bed, should settle for nothing less than a mattress that features Foam Encasement!


Polyurethane Foam - Many mattress manufacturers use polyurethane foam in the quilted layers and as the comfort layers of both Spring + Foam and All-Foam mattresses. With the advent of roll-packed mattresses, polyfoam is often used as a base layer in their mattresses instead of using spring coils. Several different varieties and densities of polyurethane foam are available. Higher density polyurethane foams are more durable than lower density foams. Many advanced features are available in poly-foam layers including convolution, and varying densities and softness ratings. High quality polyurethane foams carry the Certi-PUR US emission certifications. Consumers are often familiar with polyurethane foam as the type of foam used in sofa cushions or encounter polyurethane foam when shopping for mattress toppers, including “egg crate” mattress toppers. Polyurethane foam is comprised primarily of petrochemicals. In addition to being both durable and comfortable, polyurethane foams can be shaped and modeled and cut into specific pressure relieving designs.

ViscoElastic Foam Also commonly referred to as “Memory Foam,” viscoelastic polyurethane foam is a type of polyurethane foam that contains added compounds which change the way it responds to pressure and which makes it reactive to changing temperatures. Chemists have engineered Memory Foam for additional conformance and pressure relief, which often results in slower recovery. For example, Memory Foam continues to display a handprint for a few seconds after a hand is removed. Memory Foam is usually denser and more expensive than regular polyurethane foam. Memory Foam is also temperature reactive, which means it absorbs heat and softens as it becomes warmer. Newer versions of Memory Foam known as “Open Cell” visco foams are designed to dissipate heat once absorbed. Many Memory Foams will become firmer in cooler environments and are not recommended for environments where the temperature often dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. As with polyurethane foam, Memory Foam is made up primarily of compounds derived from petrochemicals.

Latex Foam - Latex foam is one of the most durable types of foam available. Latex reacts instantly when pressure is applied and the support it provides changes with your every move. Latex foam does not “sink in” either initially or during the night and maintains constant support regardless of temperature. The responsive nature of latex facilitates easy movement throughout the night, without producing sleep interruption. Latex foam can be produced with predominantly natural latex which is harvested from rubber trees, or from synthetic latex, which is produced from petrochemicals, or can consist of a blend of both natural and synthetic latex elements. Most latex utilized in American made mattresses are of the blended variety. The two dominant methods used in manufacturing latex are "Talalay" vulcanized and vacuum sealed molds which are used for products with high natural latex content, and "Dunlop" or line poured latex which is often mostly synthetic. "Talatech" latex utilizes the "Talalay" process for blended latex that contains both natural and synthetic components.

Sleeptronic® takes Latex foam to an entirely new level with Copper Infused Latex by Talalay Global. Copper infused latex provides added performance benefits of possessing antibacterial and innately homeopathic properties that has the potential to positively impact circulation and reduce inflammation. According to Talalay Global, the manufacturer of Talaly Mineral Copper Latex, the copper-infused latex layers in SleepFlex Latex® mattresses offer the following benefits:

  • Increases and encourages circulatory functions
  • Creates a non-magnetic platform, providing relief from arthritis, bursitis, and rheumatism and reducing inflammation
  • Stimulates metabolic process
  • Naturally combats restlessness
  • Stimulates and encourages brain function while you sleep

PostureGel® Visco and Other Infused Foams – The chemists who work for polyfoam manufacturers are on a constant quest to create new types of polyurethane and latex foams that can deliver unique comfort, support, and performance benefits. If when researching in preparation for an upcoming mattress purchase should you find that a mattress contains an infused polyfoam, typically that signifies a more advanced product. Liquid gel is the most popular material that foam producers are infusing into foams used in the mattress industry. Similar to the material used to manufacture shoe inserts, liquid gel adds both temperature reduction and cushioning properties to otherwise standard poly and latex foams. Copper and graphite are two of the most popular earth minerals that foam manufacturers are adding to the cushioning and comfort products they supply to mattress manufacturers.


Superchill and Standard Cooltex - In warmer climates, sleepers look for many ways to stay cool after they go to sleep. From box fans to outrageous air-conditioning bills, they are eager for solutions. A new innovation in mattresses that is available from better manufacturers utilizes cooling performance fabrics on the sleeping surface of the mattress. Some manufacturers have selected a sprayed on or otherwise topically applied chemical treatment to deliver a cooling effect Sleeptronic has invested in performance tickings that feature permanent, inherent cooling yarns in their construction which do not involve the application of chemicals to the fabric. Fabrics knitted with polyethelyne yarns produce a cooling effect that will never "wear off", and that poses zero risk of sparking a reaction to a topically applied chemical. Standard Cooltex and Superchill Cooltex designations indicate the percentage of the performance yarn in the fabric. Cooltex ticking features between 30 and 35% inherent cooling yarn. The designation of SuperChill Cooltex is reserved for ticking with a concentration of greater than 35%. When it comes to cooling yarn - the more Cooltex yarn the cooler the fabric!

Tencel -
TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers are very familiar to consumers who visit the gym, as fabrics featuring Tencel yarns are often used in making textiles for workout clothing that wick away moisture. Tencel is derived from sustainable wood sources – natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. Wood and pulp used is harvested from certified and controlled sources. TENCEL™ fibers are naturally soft to the touch and offer long-lasting comfort. When viewed under an electron microscope, TENCEL™ fibers exhibit a smooth surface area, producing a soft handfeel and ensuring comfort for sensitive skin. Compared to other yarns such as cotton, the smooth fiber surface of TENCEL™ fibers absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton. This supports the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, keeping your skin feeling pleasantly warm and dry for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Bamboo - Bamboo yarn is made from 100% bamboo pulp fiber that, as a totally biodegradable and sustainable natural product, is fast becoming the most eco-friendly material of the 21st century. Once harvested, the bamboo is ground to a pulp from which silky soft threads are spun. Bamboo possesses a uniquely natural property that prevents and resists infestation by fungi and harmful bacteria. As a natural material with high breathability and ventilation, Bamboo fabric has an excellent cooling and refreshing quality.

Good news for people with allergies!

One of Bamboo’s main benefits is its inherent anti-bacterial properties. It is well known that bamboo flourishes in nature without the help of pesticides or chemicals. A constant antibiosis in bamboo and bamboo yarn yields a unique resistance to pests, bacteria and fungi. This makes Bamboo the ideal material for mattress ticking for people with allergies. Bamboo’s anti-bacterial and fungicidal components also serve as a natural deodorant. Bamboo yarns also deliver anti-fungal properties when woven or knitted into ticking.
Mattress ticking that is naturally anti-fungal helps to prevent health problems.