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When a consumer purchases a new mattress, they are investing in hopes of enjoying 8 to 10 years of quality sleep. So, it’s important to know what’s inside the mattress to make the best decision for their health and well being.

Essentially a mattress contains two functional components. The first is the Support component and the second is the Comfort component. Each component can be made of one or several materials, and occasionally there are mattresses where the same material is used for both support and to offer comfort to the sleeper as well (for example, latex). A consumer should choose their mattresses based on whether they have a special need (e.g. pressure and pain relief). how they feel when they lay down on the mattress, how long they want the mattress to last, whether they’re disturbed by their partner’s movements at night, and


Coils consist of spooled wire that is sent through a special coiling machine and bent into a cylindrical coil. Those coils are then either heat tempered or electrically tempered to hold their shape after the wire forming process. Coils can consist of a variety of different gauges of wire - with the lower the gauge number the stronger and thicker and more firm the wire is. Essentially all coils start out the same way - on a coiling machine.


Open coil units are attached to each other with pieces of wire known as helicals. When someone lies down or moves when they are sleeping or gets in and out of the bed in the middle of the night, some or most of the motion associated with that movement is transferred across the mattress surface.

Chiro Coil® fabric encapsulated coil units consist of a group of tempered steel coils that have been individually inserted and sealed into a durable material pocket or sock. Each sock/pocket is then fused to its neighbor until a large rectangle of pocketed springs are formed.

Chiro Coil® fabric encapsulated coil mattresses have redefined the ‘inner spring’ bed and are currently the most desired type of spring mattresses in today’s competitive market. A well made fabric encased coil provides for the most comfortable feel within the types of spring mattresses currently available because the spring is only depressed where the weight is situated providing for a body contouring/conforming feel. Since each coil is isolated from its neighbor, the mattress effectively has independent suspension which means the springs last longer and more importantly, partner disturbance is almost completely eliminated – a great choice for restless sleepers! Mattresses featuring Chiro Coils® invariably feel more luxurious and less “bouncy” than open coil support components. Typically they are more advanced, and technologically far superior to standard innerspring mattresses, since most of the current innerspring R&D efforts are directed towards this type of support. Chiro Coils® work independently, and thus help reduce motion transfer which occurs when a partner enters or leaves the bed rolls over. Reduced motion transfer helps to assure uninterrupted sleep.

One of the most in demand technological advancements for Chiro Coil® fabric encapsulated coils is “Zoning” - where the innerspring unit contains different gauges of wire in different parts of the spring to provide additional support where the majority of weight is distributed on the mattress.

Another technological advancement includes coils that are engineered to progressive resistance as additional weight is applied – and new coil configurations that use different coil types to create firm edges. These advanced designs are ideal for use on adjustable bedbases.