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To meet the escalating demand for protective face masks, and to contribute to the fight against the ongoing pandemic, Sleeptronic began manufacturing non-medical cloth face masks in our Ft. Worth, Texas mattress factory in the spring of 2020.

In May of 2020, Sleeptronic began distributing face masks that are impractical to manufacture in our factory. These imported face masks include disposable masks intended for one-time use, and more advanced FDA Registered KN95 face masks suitable for use as PPE.

The following face mask options are currently available to order through this website.

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3ply Mask Disposable 3-Ply Mask - Lot of 50

These 3-ply disposable masks provide mouth and nose coverage at a time when many businesses, cities, and counties require visitors to wear a mask. Use it once and done, these soft non-woven face masks are easy to wear and are very comfortable.

Our Price: $30.00
KN95 Mask KN95 Mask - Box of 50

These KN95 face masks provides 95% filtration efficiency against aerosols and particulates of >0.3 microns. This product is approved by the FDA for Emergency Use as an alternative to the N95 mask, and when properly fitted provides a much higher level of protection compared to a simple cloth face mask or a bandanna.

Our Price: $150.00
The demand for face masks continues to grow. Protective face coverings are becoming part of every day life for many Americans. In cities and counties across the country, face masks are mandatory for anyone venturing outdoors. Some businesses that serve the public, especially retailers, have begun requiring that visitors wear a face mask to enter their place of business. Individuals are choosing to wear them even in casual encounters to protect themselves and others from possible exposure to the Novel Corona Virus. Factories, offices and other work environments are using masks behind the scenes to protect their employees.

Sleeptronic has manufactured and shipped tens of thousands of masks to businesses and individuals across the country. We discovered after starting to produce face masks that the need was broader than we could meet on our own and began distributing imported face masks to fill those gaps. Both domestically produced and imported masks are available to purchase using the links above.