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Sleeptronic® has paired old world craftsmanship with beautiful design and innovative comfort materials to win the hearts and minds... and backs... of hundreds of thousands of consumers who simply won't settle for less than the best!

The Dream Dynamics® collection as a whole offers unsurpassed luxury and comfort, coupled with the highest quality components. If you are looking to purchase a mattress that will be both comfortable and supportive for years and years to come, then consider a mattress from the Dream Dynamics ® collection!

Do you wake up frequently in the night when your partner turns over, or moves in and out of the bed? The Dream Dynamics ® collection is comprised exclusively of mattresses that feature fabric-encapsulated coils which reduce motion transfer across the mattress. Reducing motion transfer helps assure a great night’s sleep by minimizing or eliminating partner disturbance.

x-Way Foam Encasement® provides support all of the way to the edge of the bed, essentially increasing the effective sleeping surface of each mattress while preventing that awful “falling out of bed” feeling that can occur with lesser matts. Six-Way Foam Encasement® provides a firmer seating edge on both sides, plus on the head and foot of the bed.

In addition to the pressure-relieving properties of fabric encapsulated coils, many Dream Dynamics® models feature specialty foam comfort layers including gel-infused viscoelastic foam and copper-infused latex. These provide additional luxurious support and pressure relief. The use of convoluted "egg crate" foams in plush and pillow top models provide additional pressure relief, and cradle the sleeper's body. Gel-infused quilting foam in some models positions the cooling power of gel up to immediately beneath the outer fabric of the mattress.

Select Elite level models in the Dream Dynamics® collection are hand tufted! Decorative rosettes help anchor a tufting cable that runs completely through the mattress, anchoring all materials in place and preventing migration of the comfort and support layers. A sign of a truly handcrafted mattresses, hand-tufted mattresses are compressed before tufting, eliminating the false loft found in some over sized mattresses which can lead to body impressions. With all cushioning materials locked firmly in place, the sleeping surface remains uniform for the life of the mattresses, guarding against the development of a hump in the middle of the mattresses which can develop over time, particularly in king size.

The Dream Dynamics collection includes two levels of comfort and quality...
Dream Dynamics
® Elite and Dream Dynamics® Essentials

Elite models feature a Elite Chiro Coil
® with 875 coils in queen and a Posturecised® Center Third
Models in the Essentials series offer 638 Fabric Wrapped Chiro Coils® in Queen Size

Both the Elite and Essentials support systems include 6 Way Foam Encasement


Dream Dynamics
® Elite
The Models

The Hand Tufted Mediterranean Dreams® Euro Pillow Top and Luxury Firm
Featuring DeepFreeze 75% Cooling Ticking

The Heavenly Dreams® Plush, Pillow Top and Firm


Dream Dynamics
® Essentials
The Models

The Heavenly Nights® Pillow Top, Plush and Firm
Dream Dynamics® Essentials Series

The Highness Pride® Eurostyle Pillow Top, Plush and Firm
Featuring DeepFreeze 45% Cooling Ticking
Dream Dynamics® Essentials Series

The Ocean Rest® Eurostyle Pillow Top, Plush and Firm
Featuring DeepFreeze 45% Cooling Ticking

With more available product features than any other Sleeptronic® product line, The Dream Dynamics® collection represents the pinnacle of luxurious comfort and dependable support.

All mattresses in the Dream Dynamics
® collection are...

Another view of the Heavenly Dreams® Plush, Pillow Top and Firm
Dream Dynamics® Elite Series

The Dynamics of Dreams®