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® manufactures the right solution for almost every sleeping environment. From conventional mattresses that are perfect for the master or guest bedroom, to innovative roll-packed mattresses that ship easily across the country, to mattresses for commercial use – our product lines are right at home in most environments. All of our products are made in the USA and feature only the highest quality all-new materials.

Mattresses manufactured under the Sleeptronic® brand encompass five collections of products, including both single and double-sided construction, and ranging from ultra-luxury to extreme value. Every night Sleeptronic ® mattresses successfully deliver a great night’s sleep to millions of consumers. Sleeptronic ® mattresses are available to consumers predominantly through retail stores across a 12 state geographic area.

PostureGel® mattresses include the latest advances in sleep technology. One of their defining features is that they are roll packed and boxed for easy transport – across town or across the country. The packaging design for PostureGel ® mattresses enable shipment via UPS or FedEx freight directly to the front door of a relative, a child away at school, or to a vacation home! These prducts are sold both online and through traditional brick and mortar retail stores and can be ordered from retailers for shipment nationwide..The PostureGel® mattress collection contains some of the most advanced components utilized in any of the mattresses manufactured by Sleeptronic®. The collection includes both All-Foam and Hybrid constructions.

Hoteliers around the world trust that their guests will enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on a Guest-O-Pedic ® sleep set. Engineered for both comfort and durability, Guest-O-Pedic ® sets are made for a commercial environment. Letters from guests and requests to purchase Guest-O-Pedic ® mattresses after their stay are a testimony to the satisfaction these sets deliver. In addition to mattresses for hotels and motels, Sleeptronic ® also supplies Guest-O-Pedic® branded product to cruise ships, dormitories, hunting cabins, offshore oil rigs and other specialty environments.

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