> Product Care & Warranty

SLEEPTRONIC builds quality into every product we manufacture. Each sleep set is engineered for maximum comfort to help guarantee restful and rejuvenating sleep. By observing the following points you will enjoy many years of wonderful performance from your new set.

1. Proper Frame

A high quality frame is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your new purchase. A frame with a rigid center support is required in full, queen and king size.

In full & queen, the following options meet warranty requirements:

  1. Using a frame with a rigid center support which has a fifth leg that reaches the floor
  2. Using bed rails with at least 10 wooden bed slats
  3. Using a solid platform
  4. Using a bed base with three rigid steel cross supports

All king size sets should be placed on a frame or bed rails that feature a rigid center rail and six legs that reach the floor to maintain the warranty.

  1. Comfort Guarantees

Please take plenty of time when selecting a mattress. SLEEPTRONIC does not accept warranty claims arising from dissatisfaction with the comfort level (firmness or softness) of a particular model. We strongly encourage consumers to try several models in the store when purchasing a mattress to find the comfort level that is right for them. If planning to share the bed, both parties must lie on the mattress in the store before making a final selection

  1. Mattress Thickness & Height

Modern mattress manufacturing techniques have produced mattresses in a range of comfort and style choices that is unequaled in human history. Many of today’s new sets are considerably taller than mattresses manufactured only a few short years ago. Before purchasing, make certain that the set you choose is not too tall for your headboard. If you select a thicker mattress, be aware that this may require the purchase of “Deep Pocket” sheets. “Deep Pocket” sheets are readily available at most mass market retailers.

  1. Mattress Appropriateness

Ask your authorized SLEEPTRONIC retailer to suggest a specific model appropriate for your age and body type. Because of standardized construction techniques, sets will experience differing wear and break-in patterns when used simultaneously by two sleepers sharing the bed who are of different weights and heights. This is normal. More frequent turning of the mattress may be necessary so that wear and break-in patterns even out. Not all of our sleep sets are appropriate for nightly use by adults. Some are designed for short-term use or for use by persons of limited size. Twin sets are designed for single individual use.

  1. Purchase as a Set

Our mattresses are specifically engineered to be used in combination with the appropriate box spring or foundation. Using our mattresses with a foundation or box spring manufactured by another company voids your warranty.

  1. Turning & Flipping Your Set

Single-Sided Construction - Recent technological developments, combined with advances in construction techniques, have dramatically impacted the time-honored tradition of turning and flipping your mattress. Manufacturers utilizing the most modern equipment, components, and construction techniques have reduced or eliminated altogether the necessity of flipping the mattresses on many of the models they manufacture. SLEEPTRONIC is positioned on the leading edge of these developments, and manufactures a number of sleep sets that do not require turning and flipping to maintain their integrity and product performance. SLEEPTRONIC recommends rotating your single-sided mattress once every three months to extend set life and to distribute body impressions more evenly across the sleeping surface of your mattress.

Two-Sided Construction - While a substantial share of the mattress market is now comprised of products that cannot be flipped, SLEEPTRONIC recognizes that millions of consumers desire that “fresh mattress feeling” that comes with quarterly turning and flipping. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, SLEEPTRONIC continues to manufacture high quality sets that appeal to the significant consumer base that desires the features and benefits offered by two-sided construction. Two-sided mattresses require flipping and rotating once every two weeks for the first three months of use, then once a quarter thereafter. Rotate the box spring / foundation once every six months to extend set life.

Can Flip Construction - The research and product development department at SLEEPTRONIC has created a third type of construction that is unique in the industry. Our exclusive Can Flip Construction Technology delivers the best of both worlds. Consumers that select a set manufactured to our rigorous Can Flip specifications receive two mattresses in one! Can Flip sets do not require flipping... however, if flipped, they offer two distinct sleeping surfaces. One side is typically firmer than the other, to provide a cooler sleeping experience in the summer. The second side, which is typically softer and often features a pillow top, cradles sleepers during the cooler months and is ideal for year-round slumber. Rotate your Can Flip mattress once every three months. SLEEPTRONIC recommends flipping your Can Flip mattress to respond to temperature changes that accompany the change of seasons.

  1. Length of Warranty & Proration

Warranties on mattresses produced by SLEEPTRONIC range from no warranty on some of our juvenile oriented products to a 20 year warranty on our highest quality, most luxurious sleep sets. Please refer to the product label on the set you have purchased to determine the length of warranty offered by SLEEPTRONIC for the specific set you have selected. During the non-prorated portion of your warranty, if any, SLEEPTRONIC will provide repair or replacement service at no charge to correct a manufacturer’s defect. After the non-prorated period, charges are calculated according to the following formula:

Original purchase price / Number of years in warranty = Annual Rate

Number of years elapsed since purchase x Annual Rate = Repair Charge

For example, a set that retails for $600 and that carries a 15 year warranty has an Annual Rate of $40. If the set is returned to our factory for repair or replacement six years after the date of the original purchase, the pro-rated price to repair or replace the set is 6 x $40 = $240.

  1. Dos and Don’ts

DO flip and rotate your mattress as required.

DO purchase as a set.

DO use the correct frame.

DO use a mattress pad to protect your investment.

DO buy the best quality set you can afford.

DO buy a Queen or King if the set will be used by a couple.

DO keep your receipt.

DO NOT attempt to flip your mattress by yourself. Seek assistance from another adult.

DO NOT allow children to jump on the bed.

DO NOT stand on, bend, or fold, your set. Doing so may cause permanent damage.

DO NOT remove the law tag from your mattress. This tag contains important information that is required to initiate a warranty claim!

DO NOT smoke in bed or expose your mattress to open flame. Doing so is dangerous!

DO NOT use handles to flip your mattress. Handles are for positioning only.

DO NOT Iron on your bed. Doing so can damage the ticking and cushioning materials.

  1. Authorized Retailers

Your Authorized SLEEPTRONIC Retailer is your best source for information about your new mattress purchase. They can assist you if you have a question or believe that your set has developed a manufacturer’s defect. If necessary, the retailer can often arrange for complimentary transportation of your set to the factory for repair or inspection.

  1. Body Impressions

Body impressions are normal in quality bedding. The materials used in the construction of your mattress are designed to provide varying levels of firmness, support and comfort. As a general rule, the softer and thicker the mattress is, the more likely it will develop body impressions. These are normal and should be expected. They are not a structural defect. They are a sign that the mattress is conforming to the contours of your body.

  1. Initiating a Warranty Claim

If you believe your mattress and/or box spring has developed a problem which is covered by this warranty, contact the store from which you purchased the set. They may require you to bring the set to the store or may dispatch a warranty inspector to your home to investigate your claim. Should the store determine that your claim is possibly valid, at our option, SLEEPTRONIC will repair or replace any structurally defective materials. Costs and arrangement of transportation of the set to and from the SLEEPTRONIC factory are entirely the responsibility of the end consumer. All services should be handled directly through a retailer and not through the manufacturer. If service cannot be effected through the dealer, the purchaser may then notify the manufacturer.

Below is our full warranty brochure for your review.