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Edge Double Decker Collection

The All-New 2023 Double Decker® Series

Four Breathtaking Mattresses
Featuring the Support of More than 2,600 Coils!

Featuring Graphite + Copper Memory Foam

+ Gel-Infused Quilting Foam For Cooling
+ Viscoelastic Memory Foam for Pressure Relief
+ Gel-Infused Memory Foam For Cooling and Pressure Relief
+ 5-Zone Nano Edge Coil for Support and Durability
+ The Edge Elite Support System with Zoned Lumbar Support Pad

Edge Double Decker DD 9300 PT

All Models in the Edge Double Decker Series
Feature the Comfort and the Support of the...

With added support around the perimeter for a more firm and stable sitting edge +
additional support in the lumbar region, right where it is needed most!


Edge Double Decker®

The Models

The Edge Double Decker series is comprised of two models, featuring a choice of comfort in both models.

Edge Double Decker 9300 PT
Edge Double Decker 9300 Hybrid
Edge Double Decker 9300 PT and Hybrid


9300 is all-new for 2023!
DD 9300 Super Pillow Top
DD 9300 Hybrid

Special features in the 9300 include
Sensice 75% Cooling Ticking & Channel Comfort Quilting

Suggested Mattress Retail - $3,999


Edge Double Decker 9200 PT
Edge Double Decker 9200 Firm
Edge Double Decker 9200 Firm and PT

9200 is all-new for 2023!
DD 9200 Pillow Top
DD 9200 Luxury Firm
Suggested Mattress Retail - $2,999


Models in Double Decker
® series include the following product features

All Mattresses in the Edge Collection are...