If you love the feeling, comfort and conforming support of memory foam, but have experienced sleepless nights that were warmer than expected, then gel infused memory foam may be the right alternative for you.  Sleeptronic manufactures six models that are specifically engineered to address consumer demand for mattresses where the dominant product feature is PostureGel gel-infused memory foam. 

Those six models from the PostureGel collection are divided into two series. The PostureGel AF series features "All Foam", spring-free construction. Our "S" series are "Hybrid" mattresses that combine the comfort of non-quilted all-foam mattresses with fabric encapsulated innersprings for a more active approach to support and deep sleep.  
The properties of the two PostureGel series are similar, with the S Series and AF series differing mainly in the primary support component. 
The PostureGel Collection derives its name from the gel-infused visco-elastic memory foam support material of the same name. Several of our other collections also incporate PostureGel Material into their comfort and support layers.